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At Advanced Protection Technologies, our products are American Made in Clearwater, Florida.

APT recognizes the importance of reviving our nation's economy by manufacturing American Made products and taking pride in the high quality of our surge protectors. APT wants to provide the best possible surge protection for our customers in a cost effective way.

Several major companies are now beginning to move some of their branches overseas back to the United States, recognizing the need for better quality goods, shorter lead times and lower shipping rates. Experts are saying that before long, it will be as or more cost effective to manufacture in America because of quickly increasing wages in China.

In December 2011, Diane Sawyer and ABC News launched a weeklong series called "Made In America Challenge" encouraging viewers to use and buy American made products. They reported that if everyone spent just $64 on American made goods during any holiday period, the result would be 200,000 new jobs in the United States. ABC News also reported that if every builder used 5% more American materials, we would create 220,000 new jobs right now.

With so many people in the United States unemployed, many say that the trade off is worth it. When the United States manufactures in country, it helps to revive the economy by providing jobs and industrial growth. Buying locally helps to support our struggling economy, rather than sending money overseas. It also fuels patriotic pride in workmanship. APT is proud to be one of the few industry leading companies to offer American made surge protectors and products.

For more on the "Made in America Challenge" watch this video from ABC News.

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